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Ce este nou în versiunea 1. In this idle clicker game, you are a freelancer designer and developer but you are not stuck in a boring room. You are a social geek and you travel while you are working.

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You own a cute caravan and spending your days on the beach. You have even a night club full of people!

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All you care about is cash and having fun! Your goal is to become rich and enjoy your life as a freelancer developer. You have unlimited options to do in the game.

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Not like other games, you are working in a relaxing environment and you can always add new things to your world. Things you buy for your workplace affect your psychology and helps you work better. You complete tasks btc clicker clicking. You will become a faster clicker step by step.

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Don't forget to open the gift box on your llama to win cash every hour. In the beginning of the game, you need to complete simple jobs for little money.

You should be aware of that your character gets hungry and loose his mental health. In the market place you can buy foods, equipment for your job and furnitures.

Cerinţe de sistem

You have plenty of things to buy in the shop. From a brand new computer to a caravan. You just need to have cash!

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When you become a rich developer, go to night club and spend your money to entertain people. Dance on the stage with girls.

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It helps you to gain fans and makes your mental health stronger. Are you gonna be rich enough to dance all night?

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You should always try to improve your developing skills by taking classes. Never stop taking classes you can always improve yourself. Remember it is an endless idle clicker tycoon game and it always getting harder to earn cash.

You can also buy apps that help you while completing projects and help to increase security of you computer. There are every type of apps that helps every skill of you.

Account Options

When completing projects becomes too hard for you, you can hire other freelancers to be faster. You pay your freelancers daily. Build your own games for multiple platforms and spend money on marketing to be successful. Your fans can make your game a legend btc clicker faster. Go to city to invest in companies.

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Try to own the biggest company and be on top of the lists. Have lots of fans!!

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Let the world know you!! When you want to make much more money you can always start bitcoin mining. You simply start by buying a princeton bitcoin carte machines and with this investment you get lots of bitcoin every single day.

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You can keep buying bitcoin machines to increase your income and use them to complete hard projects and classes. You will have a little mining room where you can track your stats.

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This game is on beta now. So hurry up and join us on developing a good idle clicker tycoon game.

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We really want you to give us feedback about the game. Upcoming Features: -New investment options in city -Upgrade options for your existing investments -New skins and characters in the shop -New furnitures and caravans. Citește btc clicker mult Aplicație Bună Garantată Această aplicație a trecut testul de securitate pentru viruși, malware și alte atacuri rău intenționate și nu conține amenințări.