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Descriere The Coinhako app is used, downloaded and trusted by hundreds of thousands of retail traders in Asia for quick and easy access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Polkadot, XRP, Dai, Zilliqa, DeFi cryptocurrencies and much more. Designed on the principles of ease-of-use, convenience, and security, we have been a top choice for users in Asia sinceand you will be able to enjoy the following features in countries like Singapore and Vietnam — and the rest of the APAC market subsequently — while on-the-go with the Coinhako app: 1.

Real-time price monitoring 7.

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Cryptocurrency rewards user loyalty programme 8. At Coinhako, our mission is to provide the APAC market with easy access to digital assets like Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum, Polkadot, Defi cryptocurrencies, and any other tokenized assets that will come.

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As such, we are working to further expand our services for the markets we serve. Stay tuned to our spaces like: 1.

Binance: Locul unde întreaga lume tranzacționează Litecoin Rapid Binance dispune de un motor de potrivire de clasă mondială, care acceptă până la 1. Acest lucru vă asigură o experiența de tranzacționare crypto rapidă și de încredere. Simplu Tranzacționarea de crypto pe Binance este ușoară și intuitivă.

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Our Information Page: Click. If you enjoy your experience with Coinhako, do drop us a review and feedback for us to further improve our services.

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Thank you for your support and for making Coinhako your choice.