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Descriere Descriere Parlay is a project to pursue scalable blockchain solution that has PrimeNodes to minimize blockchain network delay and user-friendly masternode.

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Bitcoin prediction, Parlay is an event-driven cryptocurrency which is decentralized prediction game platform, operated by the public community. Parlay Chain adopts Proof of Stake POS for consensus algorithm in order to increase and secure scalability of blockchain network.

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Parlay Chain embeds auto-scaling nodes which have unique node management system to stabilize the mainnet. Live is a prediction game platform operated by the public.

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Live platform connects users Parlayholder from all over the world and game moderators. You are the one in control of every game on this platform. To provide a clear understanding of Parlay.

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Live Platform, Parlay. At the same time, Parlay offers blockchain based live prediction btcclicks înșelătorie experience providing its users with a huge amount of live sports events.

After the end of Alpha-test, Parlay.

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Live will be open to the public players and game moderators. Every Parlay community member will get the benefit of the highest number of available prediction games and prize types, making Parlay. Live the best bookmaker for prediction game.

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